Financial analysis services and independent
research of listed companies and other
business models that could be traded
on alternative markets
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MAB Listing
We advice the companies
in its path through
the alternative markets.
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Robot Research
Robot securities could
growth a 49,29% in MAB
appoints the first Mabia's
investment research
Access Investment Research
Gigas Research
Mabia upgrades
Gigas target price to
8,25 euros per share
Access Investment Research
Stock Market Investors
Personal investment assessment to
institutional investors, mutual funds
and other types of investment vehicles.
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Access to our free reports of MAB's companies


Services of advisement and consultancy to the small companies which have the basic characteristics to enter the market.

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Independent analysis of small cap companies listed on the alternative markets.  The main goal is to help them in their process of expansion in the stock exchanges.

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Mabia advises institutional investors, mutual funds and other investment vehicles, with in-depth analysis of companies listed on the stock markets.

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First analyst firm accredited by Euronext to be its partner in Spain for the “Trade & Leverage” program for the analysis of expanding companies.

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Accompanying entrepreneurs in the creation and evolution of their projects, from the startup phase to becoming large companies.

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Through different collaboration agreements, Mabia offers its services to different companies and organizations that stand out in alternative markets.

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Last articles

  • Mabia upgrades Gigas target price to 8,25 euros

    Gigas has a potential of 12.34% until 8,25 euros per share and a market capitalization of 35.66 millons euros, according to the latest Mabia’s investment research. This last update recognizes the company’s progress in the cloud services niche in different countries, as well as the results of corporate operations executed in 2018. Throughout last year

    23 July, 2019
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