Advise Pre-MAB

Mabia offers an independent consulting service and advice on the business of companies that have the potential characteristics to incorporate in an alternative market. Contributing in this way to let investors know the potential of the company.

Mabia has a group of specialists in different areas of consulting and finance with experience in advising companies in the pre-market environment of industrial sectors, services and new technologies

¿Why an Alternative Market?

  • They are markets with customized regulation and processes, aimed at small capitalization companies that seek to expand
  • Offer visibility to listed companies and access to a broad investor base to finance future growth
  • The market price improves the credit quality of companies compared to banks
  • They offer liquidity windows and exit to investor partners
  • They are aimed at institutional and private investors
  • They provide an explicit assessment of the company
  • Offer tax benefits for investors

¿Does your company has the characteristics to be listed in an alternative market?

What are the key aspects that a company must consider before studying in depth its incorporation to the MAB?

Companies that have the services of MABIA

Vytrus Biotech. Produces natural, effective and ecological products with the technology of plant stem cells.


Grupo CDV is a technology-based company, in the tourism sector, whose online sales platform is Low World Travel


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