Advise to Startups

Mabia supports entrepreneurs in the creation and evolution of their startup projects, from the initial phase to becoming large companies. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of each project and provide our know-how, working as strategic partner.
We have a support program for high growth projects and whose objective is to incorporate their shares in an alternative market, in the future. Mabia program includes rates with discounts up to 50% and a tailored formula of equity for fees.

Programa a startups

Mabia‘s program aimed exclusively for startups includes the following services:

  • Fundraising: Search for private financing, both capital and debt
  • Advice on public financing (CDTI, ENISA, MINECO, ACCIO etc.)
  • Strategic consulting on the business model, preparation and monitoring of the plan
  • Financial and legal interim mangaement
  • Independent valuation
  • Disinvestments
  • Legal advice on the constitution of the company, partners’ agreements and capital rounds
  • Advice to the Board of Directors
  • Tax, accounting and labor advice
  • Advice on the Second Chance Law

Startups que confían en MABIA

Vytrus Biotech. Produces natural, effective and ecological products with the technology of plant stem cells.


Grupo CDV is a technology-based company, in the tourism sector, whose online sales platform is Low World Travel


Apex.Private initiative in the promotion of energy saving and rehabilitation of buildings and complete neighborhoods (BAUM’s), in close collaboration with the Public Administration.


Capital Cell.


Hunivers People HUB


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