Euronext Equity Research Partner

Euronext is the first stock market in Europe and the fifth in the world ranking, where more than 1,300 companies are listed and sum 70 billion euros in capitalization. It has presence in nine countries, being Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin and Lisbon, the most important places.

Euronext is structured in two main markets: The “Main Market”, where high and medium capitalization companies are listed; and the “Junior Market”, composed of Euronext Access and Euronext Growth. Both markets host European SMEs that want to trade in an alternative stock market. There are 450 listed companies and they are equivalent to the Spanish Alternative Stock Market (MAB).

'Trade & Leverage' Euronext Program

The Trade & Leverage (T&L) de Euronext program of Euronext is aimed at German, Italian, Spanish and Swiss technology companies in their first months of trading on the European Stock Market. The objective of Euronext is to give the right tools to the new ones to increase their visibility towards investors. This program is activated six months after the incorporation of the company in the European Alternative and can be applied during the following two years. During this time, companies benefit from preferential rates and discounts, in equity research services (valuation of companies), participation in investor’s days and corporate finance services, necessary to give visibility to their actions.

Euronext works with a limited number of partners in Europe to develop its program. As of today, it has agreements with eight financial consulting firms, for its know-how and its solid trajectory. The program allows working with one, or several suppliers, if the company chooses to cover the market with different analysts.

Mabia only Spanish firm accredited by Euronext

Mabia is the first analyst firm accredited by Euronext to be its partner in Spain within the ‘Trade & Leverage’ program. Thanks to this agreement you can offer discounts of up to 50% on your usual rates and companies can get discounts of up to 5,000 euros in their market rates, by Euronext.

In this way, companies that quote on Euronext and contract an equity research or corporate finance service with Mabia will be able to give visibility to their company to the investment community through the publication of in-depth financial analyzes with adjusted rates, designed especially for European SMEs.

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