Investment Assessment

Mabia advises institutional investors, SICAVs and other investment vehicles, through in-depth analysis of all the companies of the Alternative Stock Market (MAB).

The objective is to present the range of investment possibilities offered by this market, in an objective and independent way. Through a rigorous and constant review, the risks are identified and a portfolio of the securities with the highest growth potential is selected.

Analysis of more than 40 companies listed on the Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (MAB) after recurring meetings with its founders, directors and main partners

Financial analysts specialized in small caps

Unlike the main market, the trading volumes of companies in alternative markets are lower. There is a greater diversity of initiatives and their projects have a greater potential for growth.

For these reasons are necessary the statistics about those kind of investments. But the metrics and methods of study have been adapted to the inherent characteristics of these less capitalized companies.

Investors who receive the free reports from Mabia

Approximately 700 investors are subscribed to access the private area of Mabia, access the reports in the form of an “information sheet” with the fundamental data of the MAB companies. In this way, we can obtain the data of the last five years, the information on the composition of the social capital, the main characteristics of the business or the behavior of its quotation.

Institutional investors, SICAVs and other investment vehicles that require more in-depth advice and even a “picking” of investment opportunities, can access a personalized service contacting directly with Mabia.

The users with access to the reports come from different environments. But, as can be seen in the graph, there is a greater participation of professionals in the finance, technology and biotechnology sectors.

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