Through different collaboration agreements, Mabia offers its services to different companies and organizations relevant to the operation of alternative markets. Among the featured services are the collection and disclosure of aggregate data or also the monitoring of listed companies.

Mabia is a data provider of the MAB companies to Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) in factsheets. They contain the main financial and metric data of each company, accompanied by a brief summary of their business model.

Mabia is the first analyst firm accredited by Euronext as a partner in Spain of the ‘Trade & Leverage’ program. Thanks to this agreement, the listed companies can obtain a 50% discount on research services. Also bonuses in their market rates of up to 5,000 euros from Euronext. This service is aimed at listed SMEs of Euronext, to enhance their visibility in the market and, at the same time, adjusting the rates to their financial capabilities.

Mabia provides aggregate market data to the Asociación de Empresas del Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (AEMAB). Through this agreement, AEMAB has the aggregate data, and also the stock returns, since the creation of this market.

Entorno Pre-Mercado was born with the mission of supporting, training and encouraging startups in expansion, so they can access new investors and know the functioning of the stock market. This facilitates the access of this type of companies to private investment. This environment is so interesting for unlisted companies seeking financing, as for investors interested in opportunities with greater growth potential. Mabia is part of this initiative as a collaborator, for the offer of analysis and monitoring of the companies.

Publications and participation in events

Mabia’s work goes further with the disclosure of investment, finance and economic issues through the publication of reports. Its components also actively participate in discussion forums, as Foro Medcap which is held every year at the end of spring in the Madrid Stock Exchange, or other events dedicated to the presentation of new business projects.

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