Small Caps Equity Research

Mabia offers an independent service of financial analysis and research of the companies listed on the Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (MAB), Euronext and other alternative markets. Through these activities Mabia has become a reference among the companies and investors of those stock markets.

Our activities

The analysis team of Mabia identifies investment opportunities, through the study of the financial magnitudes of the companies, their projections for the future and the investigation of the competitive advantages of each business model.

The estimation of a target value serves as a reference for the investor, regardless of the company’s market price.

Who's intended for?

Our services are intended for investors whose objective is to dedicate a significant proportion of their portfolio to the smallcaps segment and require in-depth analysis.

On the other hand, also to companies that require an external valuation as an informative tool, transparent and independent, to offer their shareholders and also to future investors.

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